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Wed, Jun 3, 2020 6:00 PM

Cable box not identified by Samsung series 9 TV

New Comcast service.

Direct TV previously worked fine.

In the startup, the TV does not identify the cable box although it acknowledges that a new device has been detected.

New HDMI cable run through the Samsung One Connect. The HDMI cable provided by Comcast did not work at all.

New batteries in Samsung remote and in Comcast remote. The box does not turn on/off via the cable remote.

The box model is not on the list of possible Pace cable box models provided in the drop down in the manual entry option.

The TV is running the most current updated software.

Box is Pace PX022ANC

I have power cycled all devices individually and collectively




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22 d ago

Under source my tv says unknown it should say comcast

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