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Tue, Sep 22, 2020 8:00 AM

Cable box frozen on welcome screen

I woke up this morning to my cable box stuck on the welcome screen (what it looks like when it updates every morning.) It will not move past that. I've unplugged and reconnected all of the plugs/cables multiple times, and I've tried to refresh/reset the box via the website.  Nothing changes. 

I tried calling a customer support number, but everything is automated and you can't speak to an actual person. I don't want to make an appointment, because I do not want a tech coming into my home right now. What are my other options? Will they send me another box to try? How do I contact and speak with someone live? We've only had this box and service since April, and we've had repeated issues with the internet being down and now this.  I'm ready to disconnect and get another provider.

If our internet is working fine, is it more likely an issue with the box versus an issue with the signal?



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8 m ago

Hi @valkaz, Is the box still frozen? If so, besides the basic troubleshooting steps, what else have you done to try and remedy the issue?

Also, which model of box do you have? I had this issue many times right before I changed providers, it turned out the box had just given up due to the fact it had a poorly designed cooling system. Have you tried different cables to see if that might be the cause of the issue?

Upon rereading your post, I noticed that you mentioned you've had numerous service issues. Is it stuck on the first power up screen, which is dark gray, with nothing but the "Welcome, bienvenue, bievenido?"

Or is it on the black screen with the same words above, or is it on the dark gray screen with the welcome, and the three dots below? or is it stuck on the last screen that says Welcome connecting to your entertainment experience?

I'll wait for your response.




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8 m ago

adding to great reply above.... is this a small box or larger DVR or XG2? if smaller, did you try power-unplug and reboot the DVR or xg2 Hub?

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