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Will getting a better package stop me from buffering 

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11 days ago

Hey there! It depends on a few key factors. Increasing your speed would result in more bandwidth and better up/download speeds so it would give you a better connection and allow for more devices, if you are using the maximum on your current speed. If you are not and you are simply having issues then it could be something unrelated to the speed and upgrading would be the equivalent of a band aid. Happy to look into your services for you though! Please send a Dm to XFINITY SUPPORT with your name and address for me.  

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I am having an issue with this as well. I have already insured that I have a hard wired ethernet connection to the modem to my flex TV box, and I’ve already assured that all of the rest of the applications on my flex TV box are working perfectly fine with HD quality video no buffering it is only the live TV that buffers and goes in and out and I can’t get even a solid 10 seconds of uninterrupted video. 

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Hi, @user_6653f6! Thanks for spending your time contacting XFINITY over our forums' page for help with getting that buffering fixed when watching live TV. When trying to enjoy your entertainment, I can understand how inconvenient it is when experiencing interruptions. Let's get this fixed. Thank you for also waiting for a response. I see that it has been over 2 days since you reached out. Are you still noticing the buffering issue at this time? If so can you tell me about how many devices you normally have connected at the same time and your internet speed that you subscribe to?

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