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Wed, Sep 29, 2021 2:21 PM

Bluetooth disappears on X1 and posts also get closed.

2 issues.... 
#1 Seems Bluetooth disappears from the X1 boxes... I have seen it as well as many others on here. 

#2 Seems any post complaining about it get closed... WHY??  you close things when they are fixed not to shut up users complaints.   If nothing else to document the counts. 

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2 m ago

Hi, @imjustdave I am sorry to hear you are having troubles connecting your Bluetooth devices to your cable box. I would be happy to help you out. What device are you attempting to Bluetooth to your X1 box? 


Also, I am sorry you feel that we are closing the threads regarding the Bluetooth feature on the X1 cable boxes. I know it is very helpful to have the forum to look back through any similar issues that you may be having to save some time.



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