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Wednesday, May 24th, 2023 6:41 AM


Assistance resolving an issue

On Paramount plus app message keeps appearing at top of screen “Press EXIT or MENU to close this app”

nothing I do will resolve issue.. has been going on for weeks… 

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1 year ago

@user_496525 thanks for reaching out on our great Xfinity forums. We have great customers and employees here to help.

There has been a recent post in the X1 area of the Xfinity forums that has what seems to be the same or similar issue. We had a very helpful solution posted by an awesome community  member @user_97818a

Their instructions posted as:

[Edited to fix grammar and add instructions from  @user_97818a directly in this post]
Fix for Paramount+ App

I found a fix to this issue:

1. go to the settings icon at the top of your screen and press the middle "ok" button

2. scroll to "Preferences" and press middle button

3. scroll to "Notifications" and press ok 

4. at "All Notications" press ok to turn off

5. Arrow back to main settings screen

6. Arrow to "Device Settings"

7.  Arrow to "Power Preferences" Press Ok

8.  Arrow to "Restart" Press Ok

9   Wait for Box to Restart

10.  Press Exit or Menu to exit app is GONE!!!!!

Please let me know if this helps. 




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@XfinityDannyB​ this does not work. I've done the above instructions twice and it doesn't help at all. 

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