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Sat, Oct 26, 2019 4:00 PM

Aspect ratio

Has anybody else noticed a change in aspect ratio for widescreen? The picture used to fill my tv completely but a couple days ago I turned it on and black bars appeared on the top and bottom of every channel. I tried changing display settings and no options have a way to fill the screen 100% anymore. Also what's weird recently recorded shows while the tv is showing wide screen live when I go to watch it plays in full screen. If a show is recording and I'm a little behind it will start in full screen and as i catch up from by skipping commercials it changes to wide screen as I go live. My wife said there was a recent update that might have done this but has anybody else had this issue? I thought my toddler may have mashed the remote and did it while pressing everybutton but its every tv acting this way.

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