Friday, February 23rd, 2024 4:28 PM

4k Washout, when will this be fixed


I am still receiving a 4k washout experience when trying to watch either 4k live events or third party 4k apps through the x1 platform.  When I use the apps through my smart TV or Roku stick I have no washout experience.  I xfinity even sent a tech out for free to go through all the steps to make sure everything was working correctly and it still did not work.  I am very tired of this and have seen so many forums on this issue and it is clear to me that xfinity knows about this and has done nothing to fix the issue.  We pay all this money for a great 4k experience however we get a washout (meaning not bright).  Again this is an issue with the xfinity coding not with the cords, feed, TV etc, its clearly an issue with your conversion.  I am not sure why this is not reported at a higher level or to the FTC as false advertising.  Can someone please fix this as events are now being broadcasted in 4k and all of us are having this washout issue.  More than happy to speak with a higher level employee so that this can be expressed directly to VP level.  




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2 months ago

I don't have this issue.   Nor have I seen posts on this or other forums about it. 

What TV, which X1 box, is it connected directly to the TV or through a receiver or soundbar? 

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