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Thu, Dec 26, 2019 1:00 PM

Why do you keep deleting my posts about the truth of you ripping off your customers?

I'm going to keep posting until I get answers about your broken data usage meter giving false readings I can show pictures and proof of me only using 477 gigs of data and you say I used over a terabyte. I want answers as to how you even measure your data because I can tell you right now your process is flawed. I want to know how you can say I went over a terabyte of data in a month but cant tell me what device used the most data and neither can your website? Seems to me like net neutrality being gone has opened up comcast to some really shady practices.

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1 y ago

Simply, follow the guidelines, found here. Especially see, Troll or Spam. You’ve made 3 posts about the same thing in 3 different areas, the right area stays, the rest removed, pretty easy

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