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Thursday, May 26th, 2022 11:04 AM


Can't access my account on my.xfinity.com or MyAccount app

I can log in to the website and app, but I get errors in both, and can't do anything more.  On my.xfinity.com, I get the error "Sorry, This Isn’t Working Right Now
Please reload the page and try again."  If I try the MyAccount app on iPad, I get the error "You are logged in but we are unable to access your account details.  Would you like to try again?".  Resetting the password does not help.  I have tried on multiple browsers and devices, so the problem is not specific to my PC.


I have called Xfinity for support, and both times was told the case would be escalated, and they would call back the next day.  I have not received the promised call back.


I understand that a discussion forum like this is not intended to be formal support, but XFINITY SUPPORT IS NOT PROVIDING ANY HELP.

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1 year ago

Hello @user_825e10, thank you for taking the time to reach out to us on the forums. I can imagine the frustration this would cause not being able to access your account information and not getting the help you need to resolve the issue. This is never the experience we want you to have when reaching out for help on any of our platforms.


We would love the opportunity to help get this resolved for you and turn your experience around today. Can you send us a direct message with your first and last name and address to get started?


To send a direct message: 


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