Thursday, January 25th, 2024 11:15 PM

Xfinity are unlawfully forcing me to pay more than was promised when I signed up

I signed up for Xfinity mobile under the 830 promotion and for the first month it was fine but now onto the second month they all of a sudden started charging me more.

When I signed up I got the confirmation email for the 34.58 credit for 24 months for each phone purchased with no indication that it will change and even my billing order still says that I have the 34.58 credit for 24 months.

Yet they changed it on the second month.

I spoke with many many reps and also a manager to no avail.  They keep deflecting the blame onto me, blaming that it was me that signed up using my computer, my website, my account and it's my fault for signing up with them using the promo which their website promised.

I was not made aware of any changes in billing at all until I got the statement.

Who am I able to speak to that is able to help with this issue?

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3 months ago

Hey there, @user_5xiffc thanks for reaching out through Xfinity Forums regarding your billing details. I would be happy to take a look at your account to ensure you are being billed correctly. If you can please send us a Direct Message with your full name and your full address.


To send a "Direct Message" to Xfinity Support:
Click "Sign In" if necessary
Click the "Direct Messaging" icon or  https://forums.xfinity.com/direct-messaging
Click the "New message" (pencil and paper) icon
The "To:" line prompts you to "Type the name of a person". Instead, type "Xfinity Support" there
- As you are typing a drop-down list appears. Select "Xfinity Support" from that list
- An "Xfinity Support" graphic replaces the "To:" line
Type your message in the text area near the bottom of the window
Press Enter to send it.

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