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Thursday, May 30th, 2024 12:34 AM

Port to Xfinity Mobile without adding another cell phone?

I have a strange question...

I want to know if it is possible to port a landline number from Xfinity Voice to Xfinity Mobile without a cell phone.

I have 2 cell phones / cell numbers with Xfinity Mobile now. 

The cost is $35 for 2GB shared between 2 lines.  There is no cost for the 2 lines because I have Xfinity Internet. 

I just want to hold the number in Xfinity Mobile for a week. 

Do I need to purchase another cell phone in order to do this?



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21 days ago

Thanks for reaching out, sferrell615! Yes, you need to port the number to another cell phone. It isn't possible to port a number to nowhere, it has to have a destination. 




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22 days ago

No it's not possible... but you can port it to Google voice. It'll cost you 20 bucks but small price to pay to save your number. 

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22 days ago

@sferrell615 @tuffigirl According to this info, you cannot port a landline to Google Voice. It needs to be ported to a mobile carrier first. https://support.google.com/voice/thread/202814882/how-can-i-move-a-landline-number-to-google-voice?hl=en

If you have a later model iPhone, they have 2 eSIM slots. You could possibly port it in that way.

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12 days ago

Thanks, everyone. 

I'll look into a cheap cell phone to port to. 

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