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Frustration with Xfinity

I would like know why one can cancel a mobile phone order the same day or order?

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3 months ago

Cancel the same day of order?  Did they cancel an order on you? It might be a blessing in disguise. It took them 2 weeks to get mine here, but I did get a better phone for same price. Only thing it doesn't work properly half the time and I just spent another 2 hours in chat for connection issues, 7 agents later and no answer Yet. [Edit: Solicitation].


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2 months ago

Hello @user_tcbk1c we want to ensure you get the help you need on this! Most Xfinity Mobile device and accessory orders can only be canceled up to 30 minutes after the order is placed online, over the phone or via sales chat. Once this 30-minute window has expired, the fulfillment process of the order begins, and the order can no longer be canceled before it’s shipped out. There may be times when there is an issue with your order, like a failed payment or unable to receive proper approval, causing the order to be automatically cancelled. But manual cancellations do have that time frame. 

Once your order has been delivered, you do have the option to return your device and/or accessories within 14 days from the time your device was shipped, or 30 days from the purchase date for accessories. Here is a helpful guide on how to complete this process if needed: https://www.xfinity.com/mobile/support/article/returns-and-exchanges.


For any account specific Xfinity Mobile concerns, our team sadly is not able to assist as we don't have access to Xfinity Mobile accounts on this platform. However, our Xfinity Mobile team is available to assist you via call, text, and/or chat! Below are their details.


Text Message: 888-936-4968
Phone: 888-936-4968
Chat: xfinity.com/xfinityassistant/?channel=xMobile

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