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Sat, Apr 4, 2020 8:00 AM

Xfinity free streaming, Covid-19 and late payments

I'm a little late with my payment and usually if I'm late I can push back my due date a few days to cover it. Now I'm told I can't and my cable has been disconnected. I get it and understand. I still have internet and I can have free streaming channels through Xfinity app.


Ok, here's the problem. The Google Play app on my computer won't let me access it b/c I don't have an android phone, but I have an IPhone and google apps won't play on the IPhone. I can't download the xfinity app on my computer. So now I'm stuck. I'm ok without the TV, I hate the cable stations and rarely watch them. BUT I'd like to be informed on my local city. So how do I access the Free Streaming during the pandemic if I can't get Infinity on my computer for free streaming??? Any ideas or am I just stuck until Friday when I can pay my bill? 


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