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Wed, Nov 18, 2020 5:00 AM

Why the 30 second skip no longer working for On Demand

Its bad enough we can't FF that when viewing most  programs using On Demand to bypass commercials because of how networks control content  but we have gotten used to that BUT not being able to use the 30 sec skip is unacceptable and why have the function if we can't use it???  We can FF thru commercials when they are recorded so this 'control ' to force us to view commercials on programs not on the DVR is archaic.  I see that this was brought up years ago on the forums but its locked now I didn't see an  explanation.  We record so many programs and series  but sometimes the 'record all episodes' does not work well or we want to view a past episode of something and to have to deal with the commercials ....grrr. This week I decided to 'trial' watch some episodes of a show on USA that I had not set to record at all and could not skip thru it and I figured it was time to ask why not? Thanks



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1 m ago

I posted this a long time ago and got 437 views but not one comment or reply from Comcast???  My question is valid.

Example from yesterday: There was a weather alert that lasted half way through a recorded episode of CBS I 'Heart' Abishola. I deleted the recording and went to Episodes to watch it from there and of course it was On Demand  and I could not skip. Message came up on the top right of the screen that said skip was not available and gave me the minute/seconds count to when the show would resume. HUH?





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the 'alert system' actually pauses whatever you were watching (if on-demand) then changes you to an internal channel for live delivery of an alert in progress.

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