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Wed, Jul 15, 2020 2:00 PM

USA's The Sinner and Dirty John: Comcast we need your help, please

OK.  Obviously, I'm not the only one complaining about USA On-Demand letting us watch episodes 1-3 of Season 3 of The Sinner for free until 2/4/21, but having to pay for episodes 4-8.  4-8 were there, but went off an an earlier date.  However, we can still watch "Inside Episodes 1-8"  for free until 2/4/21.  This makes absolutely no sense.  Now they're pulling the same stunt with Season 2 of "Dirty John".  Knowing what they did with Sinner, I checked the dates.  Episodes 1-3 are available for free until 5/30/21, but the rest go off 8/13/20.   I know Comcast says the Networks can do whatever they want.  Well, yes, they certainly have the right to decide what shows they want to put On-Demand and for how long.  But their decisions should make sense.   What USA is doing with these two shows seems unethical to me.  Either it's a mistake (doubtful) or they're trying to make extra bucks on popular shows.  And, who pays the Networks for their decisions?  Comcast does.  And who pays Comcast so they can pay the Networks?  We do.  There's been many times in the past that a show on-demand was missing an episode.  In the "old days", all you had to do was call or chat Comcast and it got fixed in a short amount of time.  I tried this  a few months ago via a Chat, and was told it would get top priority.  Guess what?   Never got fixed.  I guess the only solution now is to get DVR.  Sure, now I'll have to pay more than I already am.


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