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Fri, Jan 8, 2021 8:00 PM


I have had several Unauthorized-subscription-purchases lately..  I can't get anyone on the phone or chat to handle removing the charges and/or help me understand how this is happening...

My fault I didn't notice them until now;  The first was last August 2020,  then  September 2020.  Three charges in December and one so far in 2021..That's the one I noticed...  Guess when your working your butt off, someone else is stealing right from under you so they don't have too.. (just like something else that's going on lately.  Everyone wants something for nothing.) 

To customer support: Where is customer support?  How do I get the latest charges removed?  There should be a record of the IP/MAC address that was used to purchase these on demand features..  I request the address that was used to make these fraudulent purchases be given to me and investigated for fraud.  Any one from customer support want  to take a shot at this?


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