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Mon, Oct 12, 2020 12:00 PM

Tv has intermittent service



The cable feed is fine when turned on.


Then, the audio goes out for about 4 seconds....then returns.  About 15 seconds later, another pause...


This happens randomly.


Then, sometimes instead of a pause in the audio, I get the white snow screen...sometimes this just goes to full black (no audio)...I can last 5 minutes like this....turning on and off does not seem to be a factor.


I have "wiggled" the cable on the outside of my house.  I have re-attached the cable to the box.


Still trying to identify the pattern of why?  It is not a heat thing, as only happens after the box has been on a while.


It does not have anything to do with what channel it is on.


The service guy was here a month ago and changed out the cable from splitter (one line to the tv, one to the modem) this is new.  The internet seams fine.


Any ideas to trouble shoot this?  Calling a tech out when it is hit and miss just wastes his time.




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