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Monday, December 4th, 2023 1:08 AM


Qualified $1 Weekend Movies

It's not clear to me what movies are qualified for the $1 weekend reward. The text says Xfinity On  Demand Movies Rentals no more than $5.95.  Is any rental through Xfinity Stream an on Demand Movie? For example is the $3.95 Avatar: The Way of Water qualified. I don't see a specific designation as Xfinity on Demand.

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6 months ago

Hello @kmand, thank you for reaching out and for taking advantage of our awesome Rewards program. I know there's a ton of cool options that we roll out for our loyal customers, so I totally get why you want to use them. Plus, I'm a huge movie fan, and that's a great way to spend your weekend. Were you able to redeem this reward or are you getting any error messages? 

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