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Fri, Aug 21, 2020 12:00 PM

Purchased movies

Can I watch the movies that was purchased over and over without any charges


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9 m ago

Yes, they’re yours

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8 m ago

Sure. Once I download a film, I put it on a playlist. I recently bought a few Bogart films which were listed under Purchases then I created a playlist for his films. You can play them one at a time from Purchases but if you want to watch several films it's easier with playlists. You can also put recordings on playlists. You might have a favorite director. You just put the purchases and recordings together. Playlists can be arranged in any order. It's this feature that convinced me to buy movies rather than subscribe to premium channels like HBO. You can use their films on playlists too until they are no longer available. Then you realize these guys can't show the same films all the time. If it's a real favorite you must buy it.  Right now, you can buy films from Xfinity and from time to time Amazon sells it cheaper. It may not appear under Purchases. You'll find it on Prime Video. Now I'm using X-1. So I press the xfinity button on the remote control then move over to Apps, press it and select Prime Video. You'll find the film. When I'm using the TV I prefer Xfinity. Say you want to check up on developments you can easily switch back and forth from the film to the channel. When you use Prime Video you are leaving Xfinity. You can return to Xfinity but return to Prime Video you must start from the beginning of the film. It's a headache at times. By the way you can also find Xfinity on your laptop and watch shows or the movies you just bought on it. 

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