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Tuesday, November 29th, 2022 7:35 PM


Paramount Network On-Demand

I've watched 3 episodes of Yellowstone Season 5 with Paramount Network on-demand but now I'm being asked to pay for episode 4.  Why is this?  My Ultimate TV package includes Paramount Network and I've always been able to watch episodes on-demand after their Sunday broadcast.  I even tried to watch the episode on

the Paramount website but it responded that Xfinity does not allow my access.  I can still access the Paramount Network live broadcasts, just not on-demand.


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1 year ago

@user_5f40ed Thanks for the post! If you're able to watch other Paramount Plus content besides that one episode, that is actually determined by Paramount and not us. All availble free or for purchase content On Demand is dictated by the network themselves. I would suggest waiting until next week to watch to see if this updates at all. 

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