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Thu, Sep 26, 2019 5:00 PM

OnDemand TV Shows, Page Up (Skip Forward) Broken during last 15%, with Software Update (~9/19)

Good Evening,

and thank you for listening to my little first world problem...


I post here to see if they can fix it..


I have er tested this both at my house and in a Comcast service center, and with a screen share with technical support many times.  The results I see, Page up works to skip forward during the first part of ondemand programing(20.55), and not during the extra time with commercials (20.55 plus commercials ~3min).  I get a variety of answers.. Sometimes they say skip never works to skip commercials, sometimes they say my box has errors and needs to be replaced, sometimes they say the cables in my house are bad, sometimes they say my remote is broken...  


When I am watching an ondemand tv show, before (the previous 3 years of my X1) I could Skip Forward the entire program (show ie 20min 55sec. and Commercials ~3min.).. After the update ~ (about 4 weeks ago..~9/19) the skip forward works during the offical length of the show (first 20.55), and is broken during the last 15% (3minutes) of the show when I press page up (Skip Forward) it goes backwards to the guide end time (20.55)..


I watch alot of recorded and on demand shows, and I use the Page up and Page back to skip forward 30s, and back 15s.. (I have worn through the covering on my X1 remote).


I have used the system for about 3 years, and it seems the guide, and menues changes about 4 weeks ago, I guess some user interface refresh... for example, when you look at the avalible episodes, it used to be horizontal, and now the list is verticle...


Thank you for your help, input, suggestions..



 Hitting Page up after 20.55 minutesHitting Page up after 20.55 minutesNow Program time is reversed to 20.54??Now Program time is reversed to 20.54??Well Used, working RemoteWell Used, working Remote

New Interface.. Episode list now VerticleNew Interface.. Episode list now Verticle



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