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Thu, Nov 11, 2021 1:37 AM


On demand??

Again- we pay $200 month to watch how many commercials- getting Too ridiculous!! Then to have in demand After a show played fir the week Then u go on to look & play it - Dies not show newest For   the week it already was on! 
Comcast Can STop Playing with customers - charge $200 mo. Then DONT EVEN HAVE YOUR ON Demand & We pay for it!

Then Tio- it doesnt allow -rewind -

some days-

goes to live when u hit that!

- unacceptable -will  b cutting back .

we’re paying for services & to watch all these commercials - like we don’t realize . Not paying fir tv & watch all those . And Not Have on demand show current episodes!! Wt???  
not happy been with Comcast - 14 plus yrs at least now 

& last subscription was maybe  7 yrs?been here 24 yrs.

Do better please And lower rates! On demand On Demand is snot On Demand then.

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