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Sat, Sep 5, 2020 9:00 AM

On demand not working

We have 4 TV's.  Received one new cable box to replace a non working one.  The setup was easy except the new remote would not program even with all the instructions I received.  Finally, I used the old xfinity remote, and it works just fine.  However, On-Demand  is not working on our 4 TV's.  

The error code is CL-17.  Since there are so many similar complaints that seem to occur with getting a new xfinity TV box I can only conclude compatibility with other TV/boxes is the issue.  I tried troubleshooting one of the TV/boxes by unplugging, etc. and nothing changed so I am not going to spent countless hours chatting with a customer service rep.  I have lost days in my life trying to deal with Comcast issues.  Maybe we all can ask having charges on our bills reduced since no one who has ordered a new box cannot get On Demand on any TV/box.



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1 m ago

Not working on legacy boxes either.

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