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Sat, Apr 11, 2020 1:00 AM

On demand never worked

Ever since I got my service on demand never worked, would say feature not available or something and tried the ussual restart,unplug and refresh with comcast support. I even went in the attic and found where the feed coming in the house was split and put my tv boxes straight on that line withouth splitter with the same result. Conclusion it is something outside my house, and gave up due to being busy with work and life.

Fast foward when one my boxes stopped working comcast gave me an x1 xg2v2-p with voice remote and low and behold on demand works on that box just fine. The older boxes are non x1 boxes, so with the corona virus lockdown I went to tidy up and notice that the internet modem only locked to 1 channel upstream with the other 3 being not locked and 0 db and unkown.

A little googling and found on reddit that it is most likely 'an upstream filter' on my line before the signal reaches my house and it makes sense since the older box still doesn't work with on demand since it cannot communicate with the filter blocking and why my modem only can locked 1 upstream channel. Now I just need comcast to fix my line by removing the filter wherever that is located.


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1 y ago

If there’s a filter that means there’s noise/ingress/interference somewhere in your house that a tech needs to fix. That filter keeps the noise from back feeding into the plant affecting your neighbors services.

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