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Fri, Oct 29, 2021 1:34 PM


On Demand menu changes?

I had been used to accessing TCM On Demand by going to the Networks tab, but this option no longer seems to be available.  The only way I could find to get to TCM On Demand was to scroll through dozens of clicks on the Movies tab.  Is there any way to recall the Networks tab or if not, is there any shorter way of getting to TCM On Demand?




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7 m ago

I don't know if this helps any, but I've always gone through "Movies", then "Free Movies", then "By Network".  If that's what you're describing, my apologies; I wasn't sure if it was the same, but might be different.

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7 m ago

Hi, @user_cc2515. Can you provide a bit more information about the issue you're noticing? I do see on my end, on my X1 box, I hit Xfinity, On Demand, then at the top I scroll to the left it says "networks" as one of the options. Do you not see that, or are you having issues once you're in that section? 


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7 m ago

Just to verify, is this with X1 or the old legacy guide (blue guide)? I still see the Network tab on X1. You do need to scroll to the right a few times.

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