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Mon, Mar 9, 2020 7:00 PM

New guide listings....can't see when the last day to watch a show

Why can't we see when the last day to watch a show is on the new listings? This was a horrible idea to get rid of this feature! Not happy with the new listings.



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1 y ago

I think how this works is that for shows that have a limited time that are free to watch you can find that date by going into On Demand and from the Available list of shows you can watch, click on your episode.  If you have an option that says "Watch Options" (the second option on my list), click on that and then a box comes up that should look familiar to you.  In the upper left corner it says when the Free time period ends.  If when you click on the episode and it does not have this "Watch Options" button but only "Play Free to Me" button, I think that means it is always going to be free to watch On Demand.  At least this is what I think is going on with the new format.  Good luck!

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