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Mon, Jan 11, 2021 12:00 PM

My Cat From H*** - Problem with 2 episodes (forum form won't let me put "h**l" into subject line)

Hi folks, 

The form to submit a post to the forum won't let me put "H**l" into the subject line, even though it's in the name of the show. It won't let me put the word "H**l" into the body of the message either.  It gives me an error message:  "You used a bad word, H**l, in the body of your post. Please clean up the body before posting."


I am watching 3rd season of My Cat From"H**l". All the episodes are free with our account except two: Season 3 Ep1 - Cat Fight! and Season 3 Ep9 Big Boi Ruins Our Social Life - these two are marked with a dollar sign and it says I must pay extra to watch them. These episodes are included with the Animal Planet channel included with our subscription. Please change the status of these two episodes. They should be free with our subscription. I checked all 11 seasons, and none of the other episodes are marked with a dollar sign. Thanks


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