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Mon, May 4, 2020 2:00 PM

Missing episodes On-Demand

I've done several posts about missing episodes and never got a response from Comcast.  I see that other customers have the same complaint.  The only reply I've seen from a Comcast employee is that the networks can decide what that want to put  On-Demand.  Yes, I certainly agree.  However, there's a lot of stuff that just doesn't make sense.  For example, we were going to watch "The Sinner" season 3 on USA.  It  had all 8 episodes available until  2/24/21.  Great!  Plenty of time to watch it.  But now, it only has episodes 1-3 available until 2/24/22 for free, and episodes 4-8 are "Buy".  Ridiculous.  Here's another example.  Evil on CBS had episodes 1-13.  We were watching it up thorugh episode 12.  When we went back to watch 13, episodes 12 and 13 were gone.  If you go in by "alphabet", 12 and 13 are there but say "Buy".  Ridiculous.  The other day, I tried to get technical support, thinking that maybe it's a problem with our cable box, and all I got back was that Comcast reset our X1 box.  Well, we don't have X1.   If it's just the networks getting greedy, Comcast needs to do something about it.  If it's just errors, Comcast needs to respond when a Customer points out the problem.


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