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Saturday, December 17th, 2022 8:37 PM

How the Universe Works on On Demand


How the Universe works has disappeared from On Demand Menu when you take this path:

Using Remote:

Channel 1 -> TV Shows -> By Network -> Science

Page down to the H's and How It's Made. How the Universe Works was listed here up until a few days ago and then it disappeared. What happened to it?


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6 months ago

@Biff-Tannon Hello and thank you for reaching out over our Xfinity Community Forum. I am so sorry to hear about How the Universe works. 

Often, it is up to the network what they choose to broadcast and have available through OnDemand, so it is possible the network simply chose to remove that content availability from our On-Demand library. That is also true for when there is a charge for the episode or if new episodes are delayed for availability. That said, we can submit a ticket to the network to see if it is possible to have that episode made available again. Just to confirm, have you tried also searching for this show with your voice remote to see if it is being aired live anytime soon? -Christopher

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