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Mon, Mar 16, 2020 9:00 AM

History vault changed from free to paid via "bait and switch" tactic

My wife and I started watching “Men who built America – Frontiersmen” last weekend on demand.   We made sure all episodes are free until end of year.     We watched the first two episodes the prior Sunday and expected to watch the final two last night.


Imagine our surprise when we tried to watch them Sunday night and out of the blue, Comcast tells us we have to pay $4.99 for “History Vault” channel.


This is dishonest.  It’s a “bait and switch tactic”.    You should never advertise something for free to a specific date, then abruptly try and charge me for something.   My service has not changed.


I tried calling your customer service and it was a gigantic FAIL.    Can’t even speak to a live supervisor.  Tried calling and speaking to executive team and Robert could care less.


This is DISHONEST!!!!


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