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Sun, Feb 14, 2021 3:00 PM

Great Courses Collection Audio Video Sync problem

We can no longer watch Great Courses lectures since after a 5-10 minutes the audio and video do not sync--also audio stops and then skips ahead a few seconds. This used to happen occasionally but now is every time that we log in.  This does not happen with other programs just Great Courses. Please help we appreciate these informative lectures!




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5 m ago

I have this same issue. The video keeps playing but the audio skips back several seconds. If I let it continue playing it syncs back up within 30-40 seconds but when it does I completely lose a couple of sentences.
If I use the rewind or backup button on the remote it takes me back to before the problem and then plays through the same section without a problem.

So my choices are to miss a couple of sentences each time it happens or sit with the remote in my hand and have to hear several sentences repeated.

I’m still in my 7 day free trial and am wondering if I want to continue as it is so frustrating. 

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