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Tue, Apr 21, 2020 3:00 PM

Free movies

Why are you saying rent or buy on some movies on your "All Free Movies" section? This is fraud since your advertizing free movies, but you charge some of them to rent or buy. Your crooks. It's fraud. I talked to one of your customer service people today and he said they change daily on some movies. This fraud and it's illegal when you advertize free.




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2 m ago

I agree. Multiple times I have started a free movie, stopped it for some reason, and been told I need to rent or buy when I try to watch the remainder of the movie. Worst example was today: stopped the movie for one hour to eat a family dinner, and was told it was no longer free when we tried to finish the movie. "They change daily" doesn't cut it. You can tell your contractors that they MUST allow people to complete "free movies" without charge. Unless you are in on the scam, of course.

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