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Mon, Nov 18, 2019 5:00 PM

Error CL-17

I get error message CL-17 when trying any on demand channel. Tried everything recommended. Please help

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1 y ago

My ON DEMAND service is not working either.  I got error CL-17, then CL-14 on one cable box and VM-16 on the other box.  That started on Wed. 11/27.  The ON DEMAND menu literally disappeared in front of me.  I called Comcast and went through all the usual fixes, unplug the box, send a signal, refresh, etc., with the agent.  Nothing worked.  There was no outage.  The agent told me that the problem might resolve on it's own and someone would call me to follow up on the situation.  The call never came.  Late that night/early am I called again and went through the same routine with another agent - still no resolution.  This agent told me she would escalate the ticket to another dept. and credit my acct.  She also said I would receive a phone call from a technician.


On Thursday morning I began having problems with the website!  After I got that fixed, that agent asked if there was anything else I needed.  I said, "Sure, you could fix my ON DEMAND service".  He said he couldn't do that and had to transfer me to the TV dept.  I told him I had already done that, but he tried anyway.  Then - disconnected.  When I finally spoke to the TV dept., I said not to bother with the unplugging/resetting business that repeatedly wipes out my channel guide.  There was nothing else he could do, so that was the end of it.


Today is Sunday 12/01.  After 4 days, 4 phone calls, and an unknown amount of wasted time, my ON DEMAND service still does not work!  No one has been able to tell me the cause of the malfunction or provide a solution.  I'll admit the phone agents were courteous and apologetic and did offer to credit my acct.  However, that does not restore my service.


I have no desire to spend another useless hour navigating phone menus and trying fixes that accomplish nothing, and I still haven't received the mysterious phone call I was told I would get when the issue was escalated.  


I didn't get the call for the phone survey either.  If anybody wants to know,  "Would I recommend?" 

NO!  There's your answer.  Just when I start to think Comcast might have its act together, they fail me again.  The company needs better follow-up and their agents and technicians need better training. 



Aside from the TCM debacle and other complaints,


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1 y ago

It seems many people are having this problem and Comcast cannot fix it. Wonderful.

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