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Sun, Oct 20, 2019 4:00 PM

DVR Recordings

The Rugby World Cup in Japan is at the quarter final stage. I set the DVR to record the two games yesterday 10/19, one in the early morning and another later in the day.


When I went to view the games there were two recordings, the recording details (time, channel and the image showing the national flags of the opponents) were all distinct and correct. The recordings were of the same game, the second one.


Having experience this once, I deleted all the other scheduled recordings for the Rugby today and the semi-finals, final and 3rd place game and set them up again.


Today the early game (5:00am) was one I was looking to enjoy this evening with my Welsh wife and the same thing happened. Two distinct sets of correct details, two recordings of the same same game Japan vs. South Africa, a game I watched live.


I  also set the Vikings game to be recorded. It overlapped the Japan vs. South Africa game. The Vikings recording is fine.


I have reset the DVR, no difference. I have accessed the recordings from Roku and mobile device, no difference.


Please advise as I would like to be sure to get recordings of the rest of the games.

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