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Tue, May 11, 2021 1:35 AM

Choppy pixelated picture OnDemand

I have been having a lot of issue watching OnDemand lately.  The picture becomes choppy and pixelated to the point where it is in watchable.  Chat has been no help, continues to have me unplug the box and restart.  This has not helped at all.  App shows no issues.   Have have seen a lot of people with this same problem.  Has there been any fixes for this?

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5 m ago

How is it going @user_34d574? I hope your Wednesday is going well and you have had a chance to enjoy your service a little more recently. I know having any picture quality issue is a pain. I am glad your live TV is working but it is a bummer On Demand is not working. I promise we can get this fixed. It sounds like you have reset your equipment many times and we want to thank you for that. I would also try a new HDMI cord (if that's what you are using) and different ports on your TV. If the On-Demand issue goes unresolved after this send us a private message with your name and service address. Click on the little chat message bubble icon in the upper right and send a private chat to "Xfinity Support" and we can take a closer look. This could be the result of an equipment or signal quality issue. 

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