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Sun, Oct 18, 2020 5:00 PM

Can somebody please verify if they can watch "The Hot Spot" past the 19 minute mark? Thanks.

I have been dealing with trying to get customer support to resolve this for two days.  What they won't do is verify whether they can successfully play this movie.  I'm hoping somebody here will just see if they can play it - past the 19 minute mark.  "The Hot Spot"  (with Jennifer Connelly) is a free on-demand movie through ScreenPix.  (Just speak "The Hot Spot" into your remote.)


When the movie started the first time, it showed it was 130 minutes long.  It quit playing at 19 minute mark (18:55).  After that it, when I tried to replay it, if I click pause to see the timeline, it shows it's a 19 minute movie.  I tried playing in on my TV, and online on my computer.  I get the same result.





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7 m ago

I just tried it and you're right -- it cuts out at 19 minutes.

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