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Tue, Mar 31, 2020 1:00 PM

Better Call Saul - some missing?

The on-demand is odd for some shows. They default to the Paid listing and I have to navigate to the Free episodes. (Why do they charge for it anyway?)

However for the new season of  "Better Call Saul"  there are episodes (i think the first few) missing.





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1 y ago

I  missed the first two episodes, and it looks like I won't be able to watch them for a long time!!!
That doesn't seem right. Anyone else figure out how to legally watch past episodes of the new season?????
This information is from AMC:

"Due to licensing restrictions, new episodes of Better Call Saul Season 5 will only be available for limited timeframes on and AMC Apps.

...The episode availability window is the same for AMC Premiere members.

......As with all AMC shows, past seasons are no longer available.

Seasons 1-4, in addition to all previously aired episodes from Season 5, are available to purchase on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, and Xbox. Past seasons are also available to watch on other platforms, like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video."



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1 y ago

Like many shows, only about the last 5 are kept available free.

Episode 503 expires 04/01/2020, so watch it soon!
Episode 504 expires 04/08/2020.

Episode 505 expires 04/15/2020.

Episode 506 expires 04/22/2020.

Episode 507 expires 04/02/2020, but expect it to be replaced by a 04/29/2020 expiration.

It's worth checking the expiration dates on any show you want to watch all of.

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