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Thursday, August 17th, 2023 7:23 PM

ANSWERED: How to activate and troubleshoot your Xfinity Storm-Ready WiFi

Activate Xfinity Storm-Ready WiFi

This document provides step-by-step instructions on how you can activate your Storm-Ready WiFi in less than 15 minutes using the Xfinity app.


If you have additional questions about Storm-Ready WiFi, please refer to our FAQs.



Before You Begin

  1. Download the Xfinity app on the Apple Store or Google Play.
  2. Enable Bluetooth on your phone.
  3. Ensure that your Xfinity Gateway is not in Bridge Mode.
    • Note: If you are using separate SSIDs for your 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands, this activation process will merge these into a single SSID and password across both bands for a stronger, more efficient and reliable connection.
  4. If you aren't protecting your network with a password, update the security mode of your home WiFi network from open to one that is protected.
  5. Remove any 1st Generation xFi Pods from your network. These devices are not compatible with Storm-Ready WiFi.
    • To remove your 1st Generation xFi Pods:
      • From the Xfinity app, go to the WiFi tab, and select View WiFi equipment.
      • Choose the 1st Gen Pod you want to remove.
      • Select Device Details, then select Remove Pod.
      • Repeat as needed.
    • 2nd Generation xFi Pods can remain connected.




Use the Xfinity App To Activate Your Storm-Ready WiFi

The Xfinity app will walk you through the entire setup and activation process which includes device placement, connecting the device and activation. If you haven’t already done so, download the Xfinity app to get started.

  1. Sign in to the Xfinity app using your Xfinity ID and password.
  2. Select the Account tab in the bottom right corner of the app.
  3. Select Activate Xfinity Storm-Ready WiFi under the Devices section.
  4. Select the Get Started button.
    Mobile screenshot of the Get started page with a picture of the device on a table and instructions below advising that setup should take less than 15 minutes and that you should enable Bluetooth. The Get started button appears at the bottom of the screen.

  5. When the app requests access to Bluetooth, select OK.
    • If you don't grant permission, another page will load with options to adjust Bluetooth setting or to set up manually.
    • Note: Setup with Bluetooth is quicker.
      Mobile screenshot of the Bluetooth recommended page with options to Go to Settings or Set up manually at the bottom.

  6. The app will check for the latest firmware version.
    • If you don't have the current firmware version, the app will guide you through instructions to update.
    • When you're done, return to continue with activation.
  7. The app will check to confirm you aren't in Bridge Mode and that your SSID are combined.
    • If not, you'll be presented an option to update your settings.
  8. The app will check to confirm that your home network is password protected.
    • If not, you'll be asked to update your security mode from open to one that is password protected and create a new password.
  9. You will be prompted to unplug any older 1st Generation xFi Pod if they are connected on your network. The app will handle the rest.
    Mobile screenshot of the Remove Pods page with the xFi Pods listed and a Continue button at the bottom.

  10. Find an outlet near a window and place your Storm-Ready WiFi device out in the open and at least five feet away from the gateway, but not more than 30 feet.
    Mobile screenshot of the Positioning page with the Next step button at the bottom.

  11. Take the cord that is attached to the Battery Backup and plug it into the round, red port on the back of the Storm-Ready WiFi device.
    Mobile screenshot of the Connect the battery page with an image of the modem and battery connected and instructions underneath. At the bottom of the page is a Next step button.

  12. Insert the power adapter into the round, red port on the back of the Battery Backup, then insert the plug into a power outlet. The Storm-Ready WiFi device will power on.
    Mobile screenshot of the Plug it in page with a picture of the modem and battery with a cord in the background. There are instructions below the image and a Ready to continue button at the bottom of the screen.

  13. Check the light on the front of the Storm-Ready WiFi device, and select the option that describes the current light sequence.
    • Flashing white: You can continue with setup.
    • Flashing red or no light: Follow the prompts in the app to reset the device and continue with activation.
    • Still no flashing white light: Contact us for assistance.
      Mobile screenshot of the Check the light page with options for Flashing white, Red and I don't see a light at the bottom of the screen.

  14. Bluetooth Activation: If you’re using Bluetooth activation, hold your phone within a few inches of the Storm-Ready WiFi device.
    • This could take few minutes.
    • Don’t leave the app or you'll need to start over.
      Mobile screenshot of the Locating device page with directions to hold the phone within a few inches of the device and a message to wait because it could take a few minutes.

    • If you did not enable Bluetooth and selected Manual Activation, you will be prompted to enter the device serial number found on the bottom of the Storm-Ready WiFi device.
    • If activation is unsuccessful, you will be presented with an option to try again.
      • After a second activation attempt, if unsuccessful you can ask for additional assistance by selecting the I need help with this button.
  15. Select Run a Test to test your cellular and WiFi signal to make sure you have a strong backup connection if there is an outage.
    Mobile screenshot of the Let's test your connections page with the Run a test button at the bottom.

  16. All set.





Activation Troubleshooting

If you're having issues activating your Storm-Ready WiFi device, restart the gateway:

  1. Go to the Overview tab in the Xfinity app.
  2. Scroll to the Gateway Restart card.
  3. Choose Restart Gateway.
  4. When the gateway is fully restarted, repeat the above steps to activate your Storm-Ready WiFi device.

If the second activation attempt is unsuccessful, please contact us for help.




Xfinity Storm-Ready WiFi Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting Xfinity Storm-Ready WiFi is simple and easy with the Xfinity app.

To get started, open the Xfinity app, and go to WiFi tab > View WiFi equipment > Storm-Ready WiFi > Troubleshoot Device. The Xfinity app will troubleshoot your Storm-Ready WiFi device and provide a status for your WiFi signal, cellular signal and Battery Backup.

Mobile screenshot with a message that the connections look good with details about the WiFi, Cellular and Battery backup at the bottom.

Below are solutions to problems you may experience with your Storm-Ready WiFi device.


WiFi Signal Low

If you have a low WiFi signal level, move the Storm-Ready WiFi device closer to the Xfinity Gateway. The device should be between five and 30 feet from the Xfinity Gateway.

Poor Cellular Signal

Move your Storm-Ready WiFi device close to an elevated position near a window. Run troubleshooting again.



Battery Backup Not Fully Charged After Activation

If the device is not 100% charged 24 hours after activation, check that wiring is correct.



Battery Backup Light Blinking

If the device is blinking for more than 30 minutes, press the reset button 10+ seconds. If necessary, reboot the Storm-Ready device by holding the reset button for 15 seconds. To learn more about device status lights, visit What The Lights on Your Storm-Ready WiFi Mean.


If you experience other issues with your Storm-Ready WiFi, please contact us for help.





What the Lights on Your Storm-Ready WiFi Mean

Xfinity Storm-Ready WiFi has status lights that behave differently depending on the status of the device. As the status changes on the Storm-Ready WiFi device, status lights on the Xfinity Gateway and Battery Backup will also behave differently.

Device Status and Light Activity

Storm-Ready WiFi Status Storm-Ready WiFi LED Xfinity Gateway LED Backup Battery LED
Storm-Ready Activation Blink White Solid White Blink White
WiFi Extender (Normal) Off Solid White Off
Network Outage Solid White Blink Amber Off
Power Outage Solid White Off Solid White


When there are no outages, Storm-Ready WiFi acts as a WiFi extender. It works with the Xfinity Gateway and 2nd-generation xFi Pods (if installed) to provide whole-home WiFi coverage.


During a network outage, Storm-Ready WiFi provides an LTE internet connection to the Xfinity Gateway. The Xfinity Gateway, Storm-Ready WiFi and 2nd-generation xFi Pods (if installed) continue to provide whole-home WiFi coverage.


When the Xfinity Gateway and 2nd-generation xFi Pods are down because of a power outage, Storm-Ready WiFi becomes the home WiFi gateway using the LTE internet connection and Battery Backup.

For assistance with setting up your Storm-Ready WiFi, please visit Activate Xfinity Storm-Ready WiFi. You can also go to Xfinity Storm-Ready WiFi Troubleshooting if you are experiencing issues with Xfinity Storm-Ready WiFi. 

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