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Thursday, August 17th, 2023 7:15 PM

ANSWERED: How can I stay online during network and power outages?

Xfinity Storm-Ready WiFi includes a Storm-Ready device and Battery Backup to help keep your home online for up to four hours through network and power outages with cellular data at no additional charge.


During an outage, the Storm-Ready device automatically switches from broadband to cellular 4G LTE connectivity, and when activated, internet speeds will be reduced to speeds up to 30 Mbps download/7 Mbps upload. Actual speeds will vary and are not guaranteed.


When there is not an outage, the Storm-Ready WiFi functions as a WiFi extender and eliminates dead spots, similar to our xFi Pods.


  • Tri-Band WiFi 6 extender compatible with Xfinity Gateways XB7 or XB8.
  • 4G LTE connection with automatic switching during a network or power outage.
  • External battery provides up to four hours of backup during a power outage when fully charged.


Storm-Ready WiFi modem and backup battery.




  • Set up in minutes to help keep your home online even during network outages.
  • Keep your home online with cellular data at no additional charge.
  • Automatically switch to cellular data during outages
  • Stay online during power outages with a four-hour Battery Backup.
  • Stay informed about your home network status with Xfinity app notifications.
  • Help extend your WiFi network and eliminate dead spots.



Availability and Price

Storm-Ready WiFi is available to eligible Xfinity Internet customers.

EPON Fiber-to-the-Unit customers are excluded.





Restrictions apply. Only available to Xfinity Internet customers in an applicable 4G LTE footprint. Requires speed tiers at 800 Mbps (Superfast) and compatible Gateways XB7 or XB8.




Equipment Requirements

Xfinity Gateway XB7 (CGM4331COM), XB8 (CGM4981COM) required. To confirm the compatibility of your current gateway, locate the number on the back of the device. If you have any questions about your device compatibility, feel free to contact us at 1-800-xfinity.

  • Storm-Ready WiFi is not compatible with home networks that have more than one active Xfinity Gateway or modem.
  • 1st Generation xFi Pods are not compatible with Storm-Ready WiFi.
    • They must be removed prior to activation.
    • 2nd Generation xFi Pods are compatible and may remain on the home network.





What's included in the box with Storm-Ready WiFi?
Storm-Ready Device

  • Two Ethernet ports
  • WiFi 6 WiFi Extender
  • Weight: 2 lbs
  • Dimensions: 110 mm x 110 mm x 160 mm

Xfinity Battery Backup

  • Rechargeable
  • Four-hour battery life
  • Weight: 475 grams
  • Dimensions: 98.5 mm x 41.25 mm x 110.25 mm

What are the eligibility requirements to get Storm-Ready WiFi?

  • Xfinity Internet with speeds of 800 Mbps or higher is required. Shop internet speeds.
  • A compatible Xfinity Gateway is required (an internet modem and WiFi router in one). Learn more.
  • Xfinity Internet customers must be in an applicable 4G LTE footprint. 

How does the cellular backup work? Are there any additional requirements?
During a network or power outage, the Xfinity Storm-Ready device automatically switches to a backup 4G LTE cellular network to help keep your home online. It is only available in areas within range of an applicable 4G LTE cellular signal, and when activated, internet speeds will be reduced to speeds up to 30 Mbps download/7 Mbps upload.


Coverage works within Xfinity Mobile service areas with no additional requirements.


Where can I purchase Xfinity Storm-Ready WiFi?
When Storm-Ready WiFi launches, it will be available for purchase across all sales channels, including and Xfinity Retail Stores.


Do Comcast technicians install Storm-Ready WiFi?
No. Similar to our xFi Pods, customers can activate the Storm-Ready WiFi device using the Xfinity app.


How will I know when my Storm-Ready WiFi device is in Outage mode vs. WiFi extender mode?
When Storm-Ready WiFi switches over to Outage mode:

  • The LED on the front of the device will appear solid white.
  • The Xfinity Gateway LED will blink amber.
  • You'll see a notification card on the Overview tab of the Xfinity app.

How does Storm-Ready WiFi work?
Xfinity Storm-Ready WiFi provides unlimited cellular data backup in the event of a connectivity outage, plus a Battery Backup to keep Storm-Ready WiFi connected when the power is out.


When there is not an outage, Storm-Ready WiFi functions as a WiFi extender and eliminates dead spots similar to our xFi Pods. See our Xfinity Storm-Ready WiFi Product Overview for additional information.


What internet modems are compatible?
Storm-Ready WiFi is compatible with XB7 or XB8 Xfinity Gateways.


Who is eligible for Storm-Ready WiFi?
Storm-Ready WiFi is available to customers subscribed to Superfast (800/20 Mbps) internet speed tier and above. A leased XB7 or XB8 Xfinity Gateway is required.


How much does Storm-Ready WiFi cost?
Customers who lease an XB7 or XB8 Gateway can add Storm-Ready WiFi for $7/month for 36 months or a one-time payment of $252. There is no monthly reoccurring charge.


Are Storm-Ready WiFi and Battery Backup sold separately?
No. The Storm-Ready WiFi device and Battery Backup devices are sold together.


Would customers have to re-establish WiFi connection to connected devices with Storm-Ready WiFi?
No. During an outage, you don’t have to worry about reconnecting your devices as they will stay seamlessly online, automatically switching from broadband to cellular (4G LTE) connectivity.


What is the speed compared to regular internet service?
The Storm-Ready WiFi device provides backup WiFi up to 30/7 Mbps within the customer’s home. It’s the same WiFi connection the customer already has, but at 4G LTE speeds.


What cellular network does Storm-Ready WiFi connect to?
The Storm-Ready WiFi device connects to the Award-winning Xfinity Mobile network and provides WiFi based on the Xfinity 4G LTE connection. Customers can expect core internet features and applications to be supported when in back up mode, including but not limited to: messaging, video and music streaming, internet browsing, gaming and video calling.


Where should customers place the Storm-Ready WiFi device?
For best optimization, the Storm-Ready WiFi device should be positioned between five and 30 feet from the Xfinity Gateway. Additionally, the device should be in an elevated position near a window for the best cellular signal.


How does a customer activate Storm-Ready WiFi?
Customers will activate Storm-Ready WiFi using the Xfinity app. The app walks you through the entire Storm-Ready WiFi setup and activation process, which takes about 15 minutes.


I use two gateways on my home network for internet and voice service. Can I also use Storm-Ready WiFi?
No. Storm-Ready WiFi is not compatible with home networks that have more than one active Xfinity Gateway or modem.


Does a customer need to have Xfinity Mobile for Storm-Ready WiFi to work?






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