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Sat, Jan 2, 2021 3:00 PM

Xfinity changed my home phone number without my knowledge and with no communication

So we have the X1 triple play most expensive package because its cheaper than getting the services separate.  This includes phone service.  We've had the same phone number for at least 10 years.  With cell phones, we do not use the number as much as we did but we do have some important services tied to the number.  


This past month I've heard from a couple people that they could not reach the number.  I tried it today and inbound wasnt working.  I try an outbound call and see that the number is different.  I log in online and see the call history that we were getting calls inbound until early November.  In early November the call history goes dark until my phone call outbound today.  I call Customer Support and they say the number was returned to ATT in May of 2020.  Which is false because we still received 30 calls in November alone for this number.  


Doesnt make sense why Xfinity would change our number without notifying us and without contacting us.  Especially since we have had the number for so long.  Support is saying they can not get the number because it is with ATT and to get my number back I should get service with ATT and hopefully they can give me the number.  What?  That is unacceptable.  Someone needs to make this right!


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4 d ago

I just found out after months of wondering why my phone doesnt ring after i found this forum and another person that asked a long time a go and they fought to get their number back. I have not been getting my Doctor reminders and family has called in long time. Im going to make a big complaint and if they dont compensate me im going to the new internet satellite service. They do not want to lose my 300 a month.! Here is a link to another person that was closed with same question.


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