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Wednesday, June 26th, 2024 4:03 PM

voice mail app is gone from tv apps

I used to be able to click on the gear and it was on the bottom.

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16 days ago

Your response is spin.  You may call it an "exciting journey", but the many of us who found that the easiest way to access voice mail think it's a journey in the wrong direction.  Why in the world was it discontinued?  It was written; it was working; it's not like effort would be necessary to completely re-write the app.

As far as "evaluating the content it delivers" it makes no sense to have deleted it.  For those who used it, was a benefit; for those who did not, it was not a detriment.

By the way, my response was meant for XfinityOrlandoM.  Don't know how I posted it in the wrong location.  Not aimed at you, user_5b0fd4.  Sorry about that.

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26 days ago



Thank you for getting in touch!  I’m thrilled to share that Comcast is always on the move, evaluating the content it delivers to its fantastic customers.


 As part of this exciting journey, the Voicemail app on X1 has been retired. But don’t worry!  You can still access your voicemail via this link



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13 days ago

Did you guys delete Doc1962's post cause you didn't like what he had do say. I agree with Doc completely. I still can not access voicemail from They say they are working on it for over a week.  

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