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Tuesday, January 23rd, 2024 11:38 PM

Landline phone to attach to Xfinity modem

I was having problems with my 2 Xfinity landlines. One of the lines had no dial tone. A tech came out and he tested everything and he said both the WiFi and the two lines tested fine. He seems to think there is a conflict with the old AT&T lines in our house and that we need to buy a wireless phone system and attach it to the back of the router/modem.

Knowing how precise technical specs need to be for things to work properly, i'd like to know which specifications the phone system with a base station needs to have so that there isn't any conflicts, what the most up to date WiFi requirements are. I've heard the terms DECT, WiFi 6, etc has been thrown around. I would really appreciate any help or advice regarding  brand names, etc. Thanks.

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4 months ago

@PhotoGirl64 Thank you for reaching out on the Xfinity Community Forums. You can pick up any phone system with a base from a retail shopping center.  We would not have any direction on brands as to what you would want to pick up. The phone base would then plug into the back of the modem and you would be able to use cordless phone throughout the home. 

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4 months ago

How long for the line to be active

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