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Sun, Jun 26, 2022 4:39 PM

Can a port a phone number to Xfinity after activating my Xfinity Voice service?

I am activating Xfinity triple play next week, but I don't want to port my Centurylink voice phone number right away, can I do it later after activating my Xfinity services.  

Or should I remove the Xfinity Voice service and add it later?  I just want to get all the services working at my new condo and then a week or two later port and cancel my old Centurylink services at my old condo.

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3 m ago

Hi, @user_f13a76 Thank you for adding our services to your home! We really appreciate your new business. We can port your phone number after services have been installed as long as the number is able to be transferred to Xfinity. I would gladly look into your account further and go over your options in detail so, you can decide what works best for you. Please send us a DM with your full name and address to get started.


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