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Sat, Mar 19, 2022 1:36 AM


Voicemail is not enabled for this number

Why is "Voicemail is not enabled for this number" showing and can this be changed?

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9 months ago

Hi @user_d3f0ff. I hope you are doing well. I appreciate you taking the time to contact our team of experts here on our Xfinity forums page. 


It would be a pleasure to assist with the voicemail concern you have. We are a team that can help. 


Could you please send our team a direct message with your full name and full address? Our team can most definitely take a further look at this issue.

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7 months ago

This has been happening to me for over 2 weeks ever since I locked back into a new contract after the price jacked up on me after my prior contract expired. I have dealt with a dozen call and text agents over two weeks, supervisors, etc., each saying they will escalate, wasted hours and hours and hours on with Xfinity, and ZERO follow through.Finally get a supervisor one night after 30 minutes only for them to be at some party and clearly not paying attention to me and laughing at other things going on while wasting my time.  Escalating apparently means hitting delete as soon as I hang up.  Their call back feature was my phone ringing ten minutes later with a recording saying I am next while i sat on the phone for over 8 minutes for someone to connect after Xfinity called me.  Still no resolution but they sure are fond of the word “escalate”.

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Hello @user_77dd20, thanks for reaching out to us on the forums I hope you are doing well. I can definitely understand the frustration this whole situation would cause and this is never the experience we want you to have when reaching out to us for help on any of our platforms.


We would love the opportunity to help make this right and get the issue resolved for you. Can you send us a direct message with your first and last name and address to get started?


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