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Tue, Sep 1, 2020 7:00 AM

What happened to all the posts?

For the past few days, there have been very few new posts. Usually, there are several hundred. What is is going on? Has the site been down alot, or somehow blocking users from posting?


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9 m ago



There was an issue where users were experiencing issues getting logged in or registering a new profile. We have already escalated this issue and it has since been resolved. Everything should be functioning as normal. 

I am an Official Comcast Employee.
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9 m ago

@andyross wrote: ... Has the site been down alot, or somehow blocking users from posting?

I don't know, but I'm seeing the same thing, Something changed around noon last Wednesday:


New threads started over the past 9 days
    Sun 8/23 63
    Mon 8/24 87
    Tue 8/25 71 
    Wed 8/26 30 <--- what happened?
    Thu 8/27  3
    Fri 8/28  4
    Sat 8/29  2
    Sun 8/30  3
    Mon 8/31  2

Replies are nearly nonexistent as well.



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9 m ago

I know, for me, I was out of touch, camping at a St Pk over the weekend prior to the school year.  I noticed as well, there were very few new threads over the weekend.

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