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Tags and Labels



What is a tag?


Tags are single keywords or phrases that describe a topic, theme, or subject of a post. Tags help other user easily find the information they are interested in.


You can add as many tags as you want and so can other community members. For example, in a post about remotes, you might add these tags: “X1 remote”, “talking remote”, “programming remote”, “XR11”, etc.


Don’t forget to use commas between tags.




Why tag?


Some users will tag posts for their own convenience in finding them later. Other users enjoy helping categorize interesting posts for the benefit of the community. Users who tag a lot of posts gain status by appearing on Tag Leaderboards



How do you tag?


Navigate to an interesting post or comment.

Click in the Add field and type your tags (separated by commas).

Click Add Tag.






Add tags in the Message Tags area when authoring a post







What is a label?


Labels are a great way to enable authors to categorize the content they write based on the themes or content in the article. For example, in our Internet support board you might use labels like "Xfinity WiFi", "Port Forwarding", "Self Install", and "". Remember you can only use the preconfigured labels.



Why add a labels?


Labels are a different type of method to categorize content from the community. Labels can be used to help users that are browsing the community looking for posts on a specific overarching topic.



How to add a label?


When authoring a post in the upper right corner you will notice a Label section.

Click on the appropriate Label that corresponds to the post you are authoring.


You can only choose a label from the available list. If you concern does not fit with any of the labels, you do not need to add one as labels are optional, maybe add that as a tag instead.



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