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Thu, Dec 23, 2021 7:00 PM


RE: I want to send a peer to peer message

I want to send a peer to peer message, but even after I signed in I don't see a peer-to-peer icon.  Where would I find such an icon?

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Hello, @user_73ec18 welcome to our Xfinity Community Forum page! To ensure that our users get the fastest most accurate response possible provided by other users or our Official Employees please create your own public post with your questions/concerns. This also serves to benefit other users who may have a similar question. When interacting with an employee we will always try to keep as much of the conversation in that public thread, but know we may ask you for a private message if we need to discuss your account specific details.


Please create your own public post detailing your concerns under the correct topic board, so we can assist! 

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