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Saturday, December 17th, 2022 9:12 PM


I don't understand this community thing

How can I switch my user name to the other thing where you complete surveys and such , I am so confused on all this and how it works , I don't get it I don't understand 

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Welcome to the Xfinity Forum and thank you for posting your questions here. We are happy to change your Xfinity Forum username for you at any time. All you would need to do is provide your requested new username. This forum is primarily designed for our Comcast customers to ask questions, get support from peers and employees, and hopefully answer other user's questions regarding our Comcast products and services. As an example, if you had a question about activating your new Xfinity modem, you could post your question in our "Your Home Network" board in the "Internet" category and someone will be along shortly to help you. Although we always recommend starting with a search on a topic you may be interested in learning more about, you can always post any question you have about Comcast here. 

To make things easier for you, we recommend checking out the "Getting Started" article for our Xfinity Forum, found here. This post will give you some additional information about the basics of this online community. Feel free to respond to this message with any additional questions you may have. 

As for your question below:

How can I switch my user name to the other thing where you complete surveys and such , ....

Comcast does send customer surveys out randomly to customers typically after a recent employee or automated system interaction. No need to sign up for anything, those will come to you randomly as you connect with us. If this is not what you were discussing in your post, please provide us some additional details as to what you would like and we can certainly help. 

Thanks again for posting your question here, we look forward to seeing you in the community. 

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