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Thursday, November 9th, 2023 2:56 PM

i am getting too many replies from forum 100's of emails i want to stop it

how can i stop emails from a comcast forum. i made 1 comment about email not working and ive been getting 100's of email from ppl replying to the same and i cant figure out how to stop it? please help

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5 months ago


Thank you for posting your question here. Just so you are aware, these types of Xfinity Forum email notifications are trigged based on a myriad of forum actions that you or other users are performing here. All Forum users have 100% control over the types of email notifications you receive here. You can choose to receive all, some, or no email notifications. This is easily manageable via your forum profile page. When logged in to these forums, click your Avatar image in the upper right corner of any forum page. When the drop-down menu appears click the “View Profile” option. From there you will see an “Edit” button, you will want to click it. The page will change and display your profile settings, locate the “Notifications & Preferences” tab and click on it. On that page, you can choose which email notifications you would like to receive. Due to your message, we have reviewed your profile and can confirm all email notifications have been disabled. Please remember, you are welcome to re-enable or modify this preference at any time by following the directions above.

Please let us know if you have any other questions or comments.



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5 months ago

The concern is not "accessibility / disability" help related. Topic moved here to the proper help section for assistance. 

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5 months ago

how can i stop emails from a comcast forum. ...

The simplest way is to go to the first post in a topic and select "Unfollow" near the bottom of that post.

Please be aware that there are 2 kinds of responses in this Forum: Replies and Comments. When you Comment on a post by scrolling down to "Comment on this post here...", I am notified of your response. But if you select Reply, I am NOT notified and may not be aware of your response.
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