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Upgraded Plan = No Peacock?

I've just updated my plan, and my account still reflects Flex as being active. I was under the impression Peacock is free on Flex, but after updating my account I no longer have the same access to the free subscription. Is there a way someone could look into my account and verify my credentials to reestablish the free subscription?

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26 days ago

@mrsantzr Peacock is not free on Flex. It's free if you've redeemed an offer, such as Xfinity Rewards, or its included with certain Xfinity Internet speed tiers. You should check out this article to confirm that you still qualify: https://www.xfinity.com/support/articles/peacock-subscription-faqs If you do, an Xfinity support rep will assist you further.

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26 days ago

Hey @mrsantzr,


Thank you for visiting our official Xfinity Community Forums support page. Please accept my most sincere apology, but Peacock Premium is no longer included within the Xfinity Flex service. This was removed approximately 5-6 months ago. You can find our statement on the Peacock subscription changes and FAQs support page. 

What's happening with Peacock on Xfinity?
- "Peacock Premium is no longer included at no additional cost for all X1 and Flex customers. However, a new offer may be available to you depending on eligibility requirements. If you’re not eligible for an offer and don’t wish to subscribe to Peacock, you’ll still get a free sample of Peacock programming."


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